Workplace Yoga

The ease of a class right at your workplace!

In 2013, an  estimated 55,000 workers in Ireland suffered from a work‐related illness and over 790,000 days of work were lost as a consequence (HSA, 2015). In Ireland and in many other European countries, Musculoskeletal Disorders and Stress, Anxiety and Depression are the two  main types of workrelated illness, accounting for 50 per cent and 18 per cent, of all work‐related  illnesses recorded between 2002 and 2013.

When left unmanaged, efficiency in the workplace is dramatically reduced, sick days increase along with human error, which can result in work taking longer and costing more money.

Yoga & mindfulness classes can help you and your employees improve postural alignment, aches & pains. It can also help reduce work related stress, whilst also boosting productivity and creating thinking, increasing energy levels, decrease fatigue, strengthen and tone the body and teach stress relieving techniques. All of our classes are suitable to those who have been inactive due to work or sports related injury.

We go to you! By attending a 45 / 60 minute class at lunch / before or after work class once or twice per week, we promise that you and your staff will head back to work feeling restored, energised and more focused to deal with the daily activities at work. We provide mats & any other equipment required.

You come to us! Alternatively we can offer private classes in a local studio or venue. If you are a business that does not have the space in your own office to facilitate a class, we can arrange a venue locally for you and facilitate a time that suits you and your group. Let us know your requirements and we can find a way!

Pop-up events & workshops based on Yoga / Mindfulness / doTERRA Essential Oils for Employee Wellbeing Days etc can be organised based around your requirements, budget & location. Please don’t hesitate to call for more information.

Price available upon enquiry, contact Maeve 087-3679132 or email

Clients include Kerry Women’s Business Network, Bons Secour Hospital, Tralee Cara Credit Union, HQTralee, Sky Ireland, Adapt Women's Refuge Head Office Team, Brothers of Charity Social Services, HSE. Testimonials & references available.


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Yoga for Sports Team

Improve your Team's performance

Paul O' Connoll, Dublin GAA Senior Team, Ryan Giggs, Kelly Slater, Padraig Harrington, The All Blacks and Keel GAA - what do they all have in common? They all incorporate Yoga into their training regimes! As a discipline Yoga can help improve performance, prevent injuries, aid flexibility and build core strength. Ebb & Flow is delighted to work with Keel GAA Team in Co. Kerry in 2018 preseason training. 

Having taught Yoga for Sport for some time and worked within S&C fitness centres and gyms I am well equipped to work with your team and any of the supporting members such as Physios, Coaches, Trainers, S&C Coaches etc to build a programme that compliments your Team's strengths & development areas. Bespoke, practical, relevant and challenging with a qualified professional Yoga Instructor. 

If you would like to discuss how I can help you improve your team's performance in your chosen discipline, don't hesitate to get in touch with Maeve on 087-3679132.

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