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Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Mini Taster Course

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Lower back pain & discomfort is very common. Ireland’s 2014-2015 National Health Survey found that 19% of Irish people reported suffering from low back pain. This percentage means low back pain is the most commonly reported health condition by the Irish population - even ahead of high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, depression, and diabetes. Back pain accounts for over 25pc of doctors visits.

Now there is an evidence-based and recommended cost effective, mind-body approach to improve back health & function. The ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme, gently & progressively aims to help people get back to being more active. This 4 week mini-taster course is a prelude to the full 12 week evidence-based, fully-resourced and regulated yoga programme. The full 12 week programme (2 x 6 week courses) will commence in Autumn ‘19.

Specialised, small group, weekly classes taught over this mini taster course that motivate and teach you to improve your health for the long-term. This is the ideal entry-point yoga course for anyone wanting to know how to keep their lower back healthy and is also suitable for Yoga beginners. It helps people to gradually become more physically active and mentally relaxed and is designed to help not only low back pain, but other musculoskeletal and stress-influenced problems too.

What you can look forward to:

During this taster you will get an introduction to simple, gentle yoga, targeting back comfort, good posture, and improvement of your back health for now and the future.  Learn pain-relieving poses, postural awareness, mindfulness, breathing and relaxation techniques, and how to use standardised yoga sequences effectively and appropriately for yourself forever.

Does it really work?

The Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs is an evidence-based quality Yoga Programme proven effective for chronic low back pain by The University of York (Department of Health Sciences) research.

The University of York (Department of Health Sciences) ran one of the largest yoga research studies, funded by Arthritis Research UK.  Qualified Yoga Teachers and British Wheel of Yoga designed and ran specialist group classes in 5 UK locations.  The Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs programme was proved to be 30% better than usual care.  The positive results showed this yoga programme was better than manipulation by physiotherapists / chiropractors / osteopaths, exercise taught by physiotherapists, manipulation plus exercise, cognitive behavioural therapy, an educative book, and six individual Alexander Technique Lessons.

The Yoga for Healthy lower Backs programme works in the short and the long term.  Participants are encouraged to bring postural improvements and mental focus into their daily lives and are motivated to practise at home.  In the trial, improvements were still found a year after starting yoga, and 60% of the trials yoga group were still practising approx 30mins twice a week at home 9months after their 12 week course.

Suitable for:

  • People of all shapes and sizes, provided they can get up and down off the floor (perhaps with help of chair and wall)

  • People with history of back pain, prepared to commit to programme

  • Those with injuries/ illnesses preventing more strenuous forms of exercise/ activity

  • Ideally students will not attend Class 1 in an acute pain phase (your Teacher can consult with you before commencing)

  • Designed for beginners to yoga (who may be very unfit and inflexible), but also

  • Suitable for those with prior yoga experience

  • People want to help themselves for the present and the future

  • Those who have tried multiple approaches to ease lower back pain without success


  • Mini-taster Course Investment: €35 (4 x 60 min small group classes – max 10 students)

  • Autumn 12 week programme investment: €TBC (12 x 75 min small group classes) + €60 for your YHLB Programme student manual, 4 track relaxation CDs, self- practice handouts. Individual 1-2-1 consultation(s).


Booking is essential! Please contact Maeve 087-3679132 to book your space.

Location: Baile Mhuire Day Care Centre, Balloonagh, Tralee. Please arrive 10 mins early for sign in.

What to bring:

Yoga mat (or I rent them €1), pillow (this is essential! An old flat one is perfect!), blanket, water, wear comfy clothes you can stretch in. We usually practice barefoot, if you would like to wear socks - please ensure they have rubber grip soles on them.

Your Teacher:

Maeve Ferris of Ebb & Flow Yoga is a qualified Yoga Teacher and holds a Diploma in Yoga Therapy (using adaptive Yoga practices to support those with injuries, health conditions & lifestyle concerns). She is currently studying a 300hr ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ Training Programme and will be launching this evidence-based, proven & effective 12 week programme in Autumn 2019. In advance of this, Ebb & Flow Yoga is offering a 4 week mini taster course as part of Maeve’s training at a heavily discounted rate (once off offer only). Maeve has suffered from a lower back herniated disc herself in the past, so is not a stranger to pain! Over her years of teaching, she has a lot of experience supporting those with lower back injuries and concerns and has a particular passion for therapeutic Yoga and working with people suffering with backache or pain.