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Aerial Yin / Restorative Yoga Workshop

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***6 Spaces only*** December can be a crazy time of the year, so why not step out of the busy-ness and join me for a blissful yoga practice to relax body and mind. Aerial yoga combines traditional yoga principles with a low hanging soft hammock to explore alignment, release chronic tension and allow for deep relaxation.

This special 90 minute aerial class involves using yoga hammocks that are low to the ground to serve as a prop for traditional yin and restorative poses. This will allow for the assistance of gravity to open up the body. You get the support of the hammock which will ensure alignment and a complete surrender of the body. Experience this soft support in deep and relaxing stretches intended to open and restore the body in longer 3 - 5 minute holds.

We will end with an extended guided relaxation and savasana (resting pose) in the hammock floating just above the ground. This class is for all level yogis, new beginners or advanced...all are welcome to explore!

>What to bring: Yoga mat, blanket & water. Wear fitting clothes and don’t eat for at least 1 hour before the class. You need to be over 18 to be able to attend the workshop.
>Investment: €25 (advanced payment required please to confirm hammock)
>Suitable for: Uniquely developed for all levels of experience. No previous aerial, acrobatic, or Yoga experience is necessary.
>Please be advised… Aerial Yoga is not recommended for individuals who have any of the contraindications listed below.

>Booking: Contact Maeve 087-3679132 to book your bliss!


Aerial yoga is not advised if you have any of the listed conditions:


-Inner Ear Conditions

-Recent Surgery


-Recent Concussion or Head Injury


-Recent Stroke


-Propensity for Fainting


-Hiatal Hernia

-High blood pressure

-If you are taking any medications that can cause dizziness, light headedness, propensity for fainting, or extreme fatigue

Later Event: December 9
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